Expect the content marketing landscape to be at least somewhat different from the environment in 2017. There are various factors driving the changing trends. First, internet and social media companies like Google and Facebook are making major moves to remove spam content from their websites. The spread of misinformation via social media was a major concern in 2017 as well, which lead to algorithm tweaks that cracked down on content promotion tactics like engagement baiting. If your brand produces large amounts of content, then these changes should cause your marketing team to stop and think. What are the best ways to promote legitimate content in the New Year? Read below for several tips:

Avoid Baiting Tactics of All Kinds

First of all, review your content promotion plan for the New Year and make sure all forms of baiting tactics are no longer used. Using a clickbait headline, for example, is not illegal. But it can be misleading. Engagement baiting, where social media posters compel engagement by shamelessly asking for likes or shares (Eg: “like this post to win a chance to go to Disneyworld” or “share if you like puppies, comment if you like kittens”), can get brands in trouble on social networks. While some marketers consider such tactics largely innocuous, social media sites consider these practices to be spam. Therefore, driving engagement with content in 2018 would require thinking beyond simple tricks. Consider more effective strategies, such as using influencers or creating relevant content, to engage with the target audience instead.

Focus on Conversions, Not Traffic Numbers

Content promotion mostly fails with marketers focus on traffic numbers. Understandably, content with high traffic numbers is favoured by search engines and social media sites. However, what matters at the end of the day is whether the traffic is converting to consumers. Brands can avoid being labelled as spam and also get high returns for content by focusing on improving the conversion rate. It can be a bit trickier to improve than traffic numbers. If that is the case for your business, consider hiring a conversion optimisation service to design content that directly reaches the target audience.

Adopt a Storytelling Approach

Content that interests consumers in 2018 is not another “tips” article, but an article or a video that tells a story. People consume content mostly on personal devices like smartphones, which are increasingly offering high personalised and immersive experiences. Use this tech to the advantage of your brand and capture the customer’s attention with a story.

Create Content that is Highly Visual

The most popular type of content in 2017 was video, and it will be so in 2018 as well. The reason is largely smartphones. Smartphone users prefer to engage with highly visual content like videos and infographics rather than read articles on a small screen. Therefore, to dominate the content market in the coming years, produce content that is visual as it is informative.

Make sure that all content produced is of the best quality as much as possible. Algorithms are always upgraded to give preference to high-quality content, not just any content with the right traffic numbers. As always, top notch, visually appealing, and relevant content will win in the coming years.

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