If you own a timber deck, you want to take the best care of it. Below, we’ll be discussing how you can do this. So, keep reading.

Get a Good Job Done

The best way to ensure your deck will last a long time is by getting a job done during its installation. This means working with quality contractors and using the most premium materials for the deck.

You can make sure you’re working with good builders if they’re licensed, having great reviews online such as ABCO and its Adelaide counterparts. However, this may not be enough for you, so you can speak to the people in your life, asking them about the best contractors they’ve worked with. Through this, you can get some great names that may have not advertised online.

As you can imagine, no matter how well you maintain your deck, if the materials used for it were subpar, it won’t last very long. So, heed this advice.

Don’t Let Dirt on It

If you have pots of plants on your deck, you’re letting dirt get trapped in its wooden panels. By moving the plants around, you’re bound to spill heaps of soil. Even if you clean it up, there’d still be pieces trapped in the ledges.

Moreover, restrict the dirt you bring in from your yard to the deck whenever you pass by. Preferably, you’ll have a mat the deck’s entrance, allowing you to wipe your feet. Otherwise, you’ll stain the wood considerably which is not what we want.

Sweep Its Surface

You need to sweep the deck regularly. As its outdoors, it’s exposed to the elements, allowing nature to carry all sorts of muck to your deck. If you don’t work fast, the dust and dirt it brings in could stain the deck’s surface.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the dust on its surface until it’s too late, so sweeping regularly would be great if you’re planning on maintain your deck for a long time.

How Tight Is Its Seal?

It should have a seal on it, protecting it from harsh UV rays. As it is outdoors, the panels of the deck take a regular beating from the sun, oxidizing its surface which is what the mentioned sealing prevents. It acts as a barrier, protecting the materials from the effects of the sun.

If you don’t have the surface sealed, no matter how well you take care of it, no matter how premium its materials are, you will see a less than picturesque deck in your backyard.

Even if you had it sealed, you need to do this regularly as this coating can wear out over time.

Don’t Use Permanent Stains

As you want it to maintain its colour, you’ll be tempted to permanently stain your deck and the furniture surrounding it. Don’t do this as it causes the exterior of whatever it’s been treated on to chip away.

If you consider the above points, you’ll see there are many ways to maintain your deck’s appearance. The above are some of the best things you can do, so make use of them in the near future.

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