If you hadn’t noticed already, owning a vehicle in modern day Briton is expensive. In addition to the purchase costs, maintenance and repairs can really drain your bank account. Here are several very useful tips that will help you save money on necessary vehicle expenses:

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Use Synthetic Oils

Oil changes are a routine vehicle maintenance task that you should absolutely perform to make sure the engine is always running smoothly. It’s typically recommended to change engine oil about every 3,000 miles. But this is an old-school advice. There are synthetic oils that you can purchase that can last as much as 7,500 miles. So you can spend less for a longer duration. Choose cost effective synthetic oils during routine maintenance tasks so you don’t end up spending so much on just the oil alone. Besides, synthetic oils are more eco-friendly as well.

Choose a Great Auto Body Shop that Offers Affordable Rates

Most of the costs associated with your vehicle can be attributed to the auto shop you choose. The problem is, if your vehicle is in need of repairs, some mechanics take advantage of your desperation to charge more. Therefore, look for local car body repairs Bristol auto shops that offer affordable rates for services so you don’t end up overpaying. It’s recommended to spend some time researching repair prices to make sure you don’t get swindled.

Check the Battery

Replacing a vehicle battery can be very expensive. Also, faulty batteries can cause electrical issues that cost a fortune to fix. You can avoid all these costs in advance simply by checking the battery on a routine basis. This is largely a seasonal issue. In the winter, the battery may not perform optimally due to the extreme cold. In the summer, the heat can actually damage it. Therefore, anticipate problems in advance and go to the mechanic to get the battery checked. You will have to routinely clean the battery of corrosion and other problems to avoid build-up causing problems. If you battery is three years or older, you should seriously consider getting it replaced or tested.

Maintain Recommended Tyre Pressure

The tyres are easily the most common part of a vehicle to get damage or run into serious problems. Therefore, start your maintenance tasks by checking the tyres for the right amount of air pressure. Lack of adequate interior air pressure can cause tyres some serious problems like balancing issues. Therefore, make sure you use the tyre pressure that’s ideal for your vehicle at all times.

Use Rewards Points

Most type of credit cards offer perks in return for various rewards. So take advantage of these to save money on recurring expenses like petrol. Some supermarkets partner up with car brands to offer lucrative discounts. Don’t pass up on these to save money. Don’t chase rewards points, but don’t forget to look for these idea.

Essentially, do your homework when it comes to paying for any vehicle related maintenance task. The above tips would hopefully help you save a lot of money when performing routine maintenance tasks on your vehicle.