Pieces of Jewellery are good future investments, but not all. If you are planning to invest in these beautiful pieces, you should do your homework first with regards to the value of each piece you are planning to keep. Though you can quickly identify the value of Jewellery, particularly gold pieces, regarding karat. Other factors determine its monetary value. These are hallmark, weight, and prongs. Hallmark pertains to the metal content of the Jewellery, weight is how much precious metal was used in the item, and prongs is referred as the part of the Jewellery that holds the precious stone or gem.

Aside from the factors mentioned above, other things to consider when you plan to invest in Jewellery are:

The Value Of The Precious Metal In The Market

Experts say that contemporary pieces are not a good investment. When searching for great value, you should try jewellery in Dandenong for pieces that are made by top quality designers. Classic Jewellery including pendants and brooches has high monetary value. You have to keep a list of top designers of vintage accessories, so you will know if you’re getting the right pieces to collect.

The Right Valuable Metal To Invest

There are a lot of misconceptions in Jewellery investment. A lot believes that you will not experience great risk when you invest in gold Jewellery, the fact that it is the most sought-after metal. If you are planning to invest in metal Jewellery, always choose gold in 14-karat and above.

Just Because Its Diamond, It’s Not Always The Same Price

Even though diamond is considered one of the most expensive minerals in the world, its value depends on the cut, clarity, and color. The most expensive diamond color is the reddish brown, which is considered a rare diamond mineral. Its price varies based on how red the diamond’s color is. Other colored diamonds that have high price ranged are blue, green, pink and violet. One thing you have to remember about the pricing of the diamond is that it depends on the carat.

Second hand Jewellery Is Less Expensive

If your goal is to invest and make money out of Jewellery, used Jewellery is not the best piece to buy. These pieces are often reused or meltdown to create new ones. The best time to buy reused Jewellery is if you are going to use it for special occasions or to accessorize your style. You can determine if the Jewellery is used or new based on the aesthetic appearance of the accessories. If there are slight scratches or chips in the stone or gems, it is more likely used Jewellery.

These are some points to ponder if you are planning to invest out of Jewellery. You have to be specific if you are going to use the Jewellery because usage can wear out the original appearance of the pieces without you noticing it. To determine the value of the Jewellery, it is best to seek out the expertise of reputable jewelers in your area.