Renting can be a pain in the you-know-where, and it is understandably a frustrating experience every time you have to do it. As much as it would be ideal to be 100% prepared 100% of the time, more often than not we find ourselves leaving it all to the last minute, or faced with some sort of unavoidable circumstances that force us to find accommodation out of the blue. As much as nothing will fully ease such a situation, you can definitely help alleviate it by taking some of the following into consideration.

Have Your Documents Ready

The trick to wining over a landlord is being prepared. And that means having all the necessary documents in order. Or as many as you can acquire, according to your understanding. If anything else is needed, they will let you know; what matters is that you make an effort, and bring completed application forms with copies of supporting documentation, including references and credit particulars if necessary. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, as they say.

Read The Fine Print

You generally find this attached to almost everything, legal that is, before you sign on anything, yet not enough people take it seriously. There is a reason everything in the document has been included, so unless it is a typing error of some sort, make sure you read each word in each line. Twice. There could be things you may not like, such as restrictions on pets or guests you can have over. If they do not want to change their policy, at least you will know to keep looking. Whether you are looking for houses for rent in narre warren or elsewhere, make sure you always, always read the fine print.

Maintain Clear Communication

Do not accept flaky behaviour, and refrain from being flaky yourself. People do not appreciate, nor do they like flaky people. If the property is not within your interest or budget, then say so upfront. At all times, maintain steady and clear communication. This includes getting every little thing down in writing, including the deposit you pay, and any other terms you agree to. Make sure you get a copy of it as well, and that signatures are placed everywhere they should be. No oversight should happen here, because that paper is all you will have to back you up with if something goes wrong. Which we hope does not.

Ask About Repairs

If the property is fine overall for the asking price apart from a few things to be done up, ask whether they will be fixed. If they will not be, it’s best to move on and look for other options. You do not want to pay for a property that is not properly done up, even if you are just renting. Not that it has to have hardwood or marble floors, just general cleanliness, hygiene and functionality, all three key to the quality of a good home. You want to be sure that the space you are about to rent is safe and secure, as well as comfortable.

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