If you are planning to open your own medical facility, you have to be equipped. Together with all numerous important apparatus and devices and hiring medical professionals, you also have to put importance in purchasing various medical scales. You might think that the only scale you would need is for patients’ vital signs. But there are actually numerous medical scales that serve different purposes.

From chair scales, floor scales, digital scales, food scales, pediatric scales these weighing tools are necessary for you to provide ample care and correct treatment to your future patients.

Chair Scales

From the name itself, chair scales are used to weigh patients who are seating down. A wheelchair with an installed weighing scheme is usually used in care homes and hospitals for disabled and elderly patients who could not stand anymore or are having difficulties standing for a long period of time. The scale is wheeled towards where the patient is to minimize unnecessary exertions. Chair scales are designed to keep the patient from falling while sitting down and for them to easily stand by the help of armrests after the weighing. After, the data is then sent to a printer or computer. 

Floor Scales

Floor scales are adjourned on the floor and are designed for easy access and could be used for various purposes. Weighing stretchers, wheelchairs, walkers, chairs and patients standing for weigh-ins which makes them perfect for rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes and bariatric centers. Usually made out of stainless steel to adapt to constant and heavy-duty usage. Some scales with the LCD screen display the load on kilograms and pounds.

When purchasing floor scales, choose one that comes with handrails for easier use and access by your patients. Since floor scales are used for numerous purposes, it has the tendency to deteriorate faster than other scales. It is better to know where you could get medical scale repairs queensland to keep your scales calibrated with accurate readings.

Digital Scales

Digital scales are the most common among the scales particularly digital floor scales that could also be found in homes, hotels, and other establishments while the digital column scale is the scale that has the height rod and body mass index (BMI) functions that is used for checking the patients’ vital signs before every doctor’s appointment.

Food Scales

Food scales are also important for any medical facility since correct dietary restrictions are part of every patient’s treatment. A big portion of food that is served to a patient that should only receive a few spoonfuls, could interfere with the patient’s medication.

Pediatric Scales

From the name itself, pediatric scales are used to weigh a baby’s or child’s weight during routine examinations. Babies tend to be scared about unfamiliar environments. Choosing a pediatric scale that makes babies comfortable and safe would ensure every weigh-ins is an amiable experience.

Since there is different intended use for particular scales, purchasing each and every one of them is recommended. During the operation of your medical facility, you’d realize that there are other types of scale that you need to acquire for better treatment of your patients.