Moving a company to a building that suits it better is a step most employers have to take when their business starts to grow and flourish. However, this move is not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few tips that help to maximize the speed of the move, and minimize the inevitable setbacks.

Plan For The Move Well Ahead Of Time

Moving a home and a family definitely takes a lot of planning and care. However, the effort you put into moving a business tends to be double that; so it’s always best to be prepared for the move well ahead of time. Give yourself enough time to do proper research in regards to all aspects of your moving. Don’t forget to inform your employees ahead of time as well, so that they too can be prepared for it.

Make Sure Your Clients And Customers Know About The Moving

The last thing you want is to have your business moving to a better location affect your business in a negative way. To avoid disappointing clients and customers, make sure you inform them of your move well ahead of time. If you know the address of your new building well ahead of time, print out new business cards with the updated location. Also, if you’re expecting to be a little engaged with the moving (during that period), make sure to finish up all pending work before the date of your moving, and avoid taking work around that time to avoid disappointing clients.

Move The Important Documents And Drives Containing Company Secrets Yourself

Company secrets are harder to keep when you entrust them onto your employees, or worse, to movers who are complete strangers. Even if the movers are trustworthy and responsible, and your important documents and hard-drives arrive at your new building safely, you’ll be feeling anxious all through this period. It’s better to move these items yourself.

Be Choosy When It Comes To The Movers You Hire For The Job

The movers you choose for the job play an important role in ensuring this whole episode this free of drama and setbacks. Do thorough research, and choose removalists who are well reputed, and preferably, recommended to you by someone you trust. Choose removalists servicing the Mornington peninsula area for best results.

Hire A Mover Who Provides You With Maximum Benefits

To get the best deal for the money you’re spending on the moving, consider choosing a mover who provides you with a promising package. A moving service that not only takes excellent care when moving items, but also packs and unpacks your office belongings is a winner in our books. One who additionally provides you with all necessary boxes and supplies (for you to do the packing yourself) is equally impressive.

Ask Employees To Move Their Personal Belongings To Reduce “Moving Drama”

No matter how careful movers are, if things are not packed safely and with the utmost care, there’s a high possibility that they may get damaged while being transported to the new building. Additionally, personal items can also get lost during the move, if the service you’re using is also going to be doing the unpacking for you. Rather than make your employees go through all that drama, consider asking them to pack their belongings themselves, instead. If possible, make them move their personal items too. This will not only reduce the chaos, but reduce the cost of the mover’s fee as well!

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